Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (OLP), a leader in outdoor residential lighting systems, has joined the Community Associations Institute (CAI) to offer its expertise in outdoor lighting for beautification, safety and security. OLP franchisees will network via CAI local chapters to provide CAI members, including homeowners’ associations and management groups, with expertise about properly designed residential outdoor lighting.

“OLP decided to join CAI on a national and local level because we felt our company offers products that will help homeowners’ associations and management organizations from a safety and security aspect,” said Rich Young, vice president of operations for OLP. “Additionally, we believe our outdoor lighting techniques will benefit homeowners by enhancing curb appeal to entrances and common areas in their neighborhoods.”

CAI, on the Web at www.caionline.org, is an organization with 60 chapters nationwide dedicated to providing information, resources and educational programs to volunteer homeowners who govern community associations and the professionals who support them. CAI members are able to tap into a network of industry colleagues to receive information, resources and educational programs regarding community association governance and management.

CAI is the only national organization specifically designed for members of community management groups, which include board members, CEOs or professional service providers to community associations. Members of CAI are able to stay abreast of the latest news, laws and issues affecting community associations and its homeowners who belong.

OLP is involved with CAI as a corporate member, which allows access to the meetings and trade shows on a national level. Additionally, OLP’s franchisees are able to attend any local chapter meeting or trade show in their territory. OLP is also working with CAI chapter presidents to determine which issues are most important to them, including safety and security, cost savings and energy efficiency.

“OLP is currently the only outdoor lighting company working with CAI,” Young said. “Our goal is the be the preferred lighting partner for all CAI chapters so we can provide services for homeowners that increase their safety and security at home, while providing a system that is energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing.”

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is North America’s largest full-service outdoor lighting design, installation, maintenance and service company. It’s low voltage illumination outdoor lighting designs and custom installations make a big difference in people’s lives, by allowing their homes to look lived-in each night, whether the homeowner is at home or not. The safety aspects of its outdoor lighting include the elimination of dark and scary spaces around the home where intruders may hide, with the strategic placement of energy-efficient outdoor light fixtures, made expressly for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

A part of the Outdoor Living Brands franchise corporation based in Richmond, Virginia, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has redefined the outdoor lighting category through the application of innovative outdoor lighting designs and eco-friendly technologies for home beautification and enhanced safety and security. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives outdoor lighting design consultants offer free demonstrations in the latest concepts in outdoor lights, where homes are professionally illuminated at twilight, with no obligation to purchase. For more information, visit www.outdoorlights.com .