Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (OLP), a leader in residential outdoor lighting design and systems, has launched the Preferred Referral Partnership Program designed to grow alliances and sales on behalf of its franchisees worldwide. Designed with a turn-key approach, the program offers an easy business opportunity for potential trade partners within a variety of home-related industries.

“The OLP Preferred Referral Partnership Program allows our franchisees to build on existing relationships for business referrals while utilizing our corporate franchise support team to help take things to the next level,” said Larry Spada, vice president of marketing for Outdoor Living brands, the parent company of OLP. “The program is ideal for a wide array of trade contacts, including landscapers, contractors, casual furniture retailers and others.”  

OLP has hired two Business Relationship Managers – Karin Harrison and Jane Walker – to oversee the program. Harrison and Walker will work with franchisees in each territory to create a customized approach for outreach to prospective trade referral partners on a local level.

The Preferred Referral Partnership Program begins with the building of a contact database comprised of existing and potential contacts as identified by OLP franchisees. Once the database is in place, Harrison and Walker collaborate with franchisees to begin outreach to each prospect via phone, mail and e-mail to eventually convert them to official referral partner status.

To support the program, OLP also has developed a Preferred Referral Partner kit which equips the trade alliance partner with a selling guide and materials that provide an overview of OLP’s product and service offerings. Trade partners are asked to distribute referral brochures offering a complimentary OLP lighting preview to their existing customer base. Additionally, OLP franchisees will extend co-marketing opportunities to their trade partners.

“We designed this program so that it would be easy for everyone involved – easy for OLP secure trade partners, easy for trade partners to promote OLP and easy for the partnership to eventually turn into a sale, ultimately benefitting everyone involved,” Spada said. “We are excited to provide this innovative franchise support program to our franchisees and help them cultivate sales opportunities throughout the year, building awareness for the OLP brand.”  

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (OLP) is America’s largest full-service outdoor lighting specialist and part of the Outdoor Living Brands franchise company based in Richmond, Va. Soon approaching 100 independent franchisees around the world, OLP has redefined the outdoor lighting category through the application of innovative lighting designs and eco-friendly technologies. OLP installers offer no-obligation demonstrations in the latest concepts in outdoor lighting to enhance the beauty, safety and security of a home. For more information, visit www.outdoorlights.com.