Overdevest Nurseries Launches New Line of Decorative, Eco-friendly Patio Plants

Overdevest Nurseries LP – the founder of the Garden Splendor brand of perennials, shrubs, woody ornamentals, annuals, and grasses – announced the launch of Footprints, a new line of decorative, eco-friendly patio plants. Footprints is among the first product lines in the Horticultural Industry to be fully sustainable. Currently, the program is being made available to independent garden centers in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

 Footprints plants are grown using sustainable practices such as compost made from renewable soil ingredients and recycled irrigation water. In addition, the plants are potted in natural-component containers and labeled with tags that are biodegradable.

 Launching the Footprints program was a logical step for Overdevest Nurseries, according to Ed Overdevest, president of Overdevest Nurseries/Garden Splendor.

“Public concerns and current events point to sustainability as both an evolving opportunity and ongoing responsibility for our industry,” he says. “The timing was right, and the program is in line with our proactive environmental measures. Since there are issues out there that diminish our claim to be the ‘green’ industry, initiatives like this are important to reassert our role in the environmental equation.”

The Footprints brand is based upon high quality standards, visually appealing signage, unique packaging, responsive and customer-driven retailers, and environmentally-positive production practices that support the promise of the brand which is: low-maintenance, sustainable plants that are suited for environmentally-conscious home gardeners.

Varieties selected for inclusion to the initial Footprints collection are as follows:

Calla (Assorted)
Dahlias (Assorted)
Canna ‘Pretoria’
Hydrangea Forever & Ever® Blue Heaven
Hydrangea Forever & Ever® Together
Lavandula ‘Blueberry Ruffles’
Pennisetum Fireworks PP#18,504
Pennisetum ‘Rubrum’’
Rudbeckia ‘Chim Chiminee’
Rosa Carefree Wonder
Rosa Knock Out
Rosa Livin’ Easy
Rosa Pink Knock Out
Rosa Rainbow Knockout

Supplemental varieties will be added to the program on an ongoing basis, and interested retailers and growers are invited to contact Overdevest Nurseries for more information.

For online information, log onto www.footprintsplants.com