Parker HT-Series

Parker HT-Series Hydraulic Transmission Oil Service Kits

Parker introduced the Hydraulic Transmission Service Kit. The Hydraulic Transmission Service Kit is designed to make routine maintenance simple for Parker HT-Series transmissions. The series includes two kits, one for HTE and HTJ transmissions and another for HTG transmissions. A single kit contains all necessary parts to perform the regularly scheduled maintenance on HTE/HTJ and HTG transmissions.

• Kits include Parker HT-1000 oil, OEM replacement transmission filters, and replacement oil plugs.

• HT-1000 is Parker engineered oil specifically formulated for hydraulic transmissions and exhibits exceptional sheer stability and viscosity over time.

• HT-1000 provides excellent component wear protection, allowing for extended maintenance intervals up to 1000 hours.

• Parker OEM filters, specifically designed for hydraulic transmissions, provide excellent filterability, and minimize filter blockage.

• HTE/ HTJ Kit part # SK000444 HTG Kit Part # SK000448

Parker HT-Series Hydraulic Transmission Service kits are available at local outdoor power equipment dealers now.