Patriot Products, Inc., has partnered with Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power to use new Vanguard single-cylinder engines with the TransportGuard system on two models in their wood chipper line. Produced for residential and commercial markets, the Vanguard-powered wood chipper leaf shredders offer power, performance and reliability.

“Our chipper shredders are known for their beefy application,” said Keith Van De Laarschot, president of Patriot Products, Inc. “The new Vanguard single-cylinder engines give us robust power and performance, and helps our chippers run cooler, cleaner and more efficiently than other chipper shredder designs.”

Patriot Products’ chipper shredders offer a unique outboard bearing which supports the weight of the rotor. This takes the weight of the rotor off of the engine shaft – making it easier to start and helping the chipper run smoother. Also unique is the side discharge design, which allows operators to work all day in the same position without having to shut down and move the material away from the chipper.

“We worked with Patriot Products to ensure our new engines matched their application needs,” said Dan Roche, marketing manager for Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power. “The new engines not only raise the durability and reliability standards, they feature an exclusive single lever design called the TransportGuard system which helps prevent oil dilution during transport.”

During machine transport, engines are subjected to vibration causing fuel to flow through the engine and into the oil. Fuel in the oil drastically reduces viscosity resulting in more friction and increased wear. The TransportGuard system shuts off the fuel and the ignition at the same time, helping to prevent fouled plugs, hydraulic lock, cylinder wash down and crankcase oil dilution which ultimately saves money by decreasing downtime and repair costs.

Patriot Gas Wood Chipper Leaf Shredder models include:

Patriot Model CSV-3065B

6.5 hp Vanguard single-cylinder engine with the TransportGuard System
Low oil alert, premium lo-tone muffler and one-pull start carburetor
Unique side discharge and outboard bearing


Patriot Model CSV-3090B

9.0 hp Vanguard single-cylinder engine with the TransportGuard system
Overhead valve design for cooler, cleaner and more fuel-efficient operation
Unique side discharge and outboard bearing

The Patriot Products’ line of lawn equipment is backed by a three-year warranty. Complete with a 90-day return guarantee, each item in the Patriot Product line has been carefully crafted for maximum performance.

The new Vanguard single-cylinder engines are now available with gross horsepower ratings from 5.5 hp to 10.0 hp and are applicable for use with many landscape, construction and rental industry machines. For more information, call 414-259-5333 or visit

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