Pennington Slopemaster offers a permanent, low-maintenance vegetative solution specifically designed for soil stabilization and erosion control, where soil conditions and fertility are poor and rapid vegetation is a necessity. Ideal for surface mining reclamation, landfill management and utility right-of-way maintenance, the seed mix of proprietary seed varieties and Durana white clover improves vegetation establishment to meet permit requirements and to avoid the compounded costs associated with failed revegetation projects.

With an extremely high stolon density, the Durana found in each mix forms a thick, water-penetrable mat that holds soils in place. The medium-leafed, intermediate-type clover has 97 stolons per square foot—nearly double other white clover types. The highly-persistent clover also fixates up to 150 pounds of atmospheric Nitrogen per acre annually. The Nitrogen fixation provides enrichment to a stand of low-maintenance turfgrass, resulting in reduced maintenance and optimal performance.  

In addition, Slopemaster features a proper combination of perennial and annual seed varieties selected for rapid establishment and long-lasting erosion control. The seed mixture is treated with Pennington’s exclusive GermMax germination aid to increase seedling vigor during germination and establishment, as well as MYCO Advantage mycorrhiza inoculants to increase nutrient and water absorption and help mitigate drought and salt stress.

Slopemaster can be applied by drilling, broadcasting or hydraulic seeding. Planting can occur throughout the year with one of the seasonal mixes containing either cool- or warm-season turfgrass that are suitable to particular planting environments. For more information, visit