A wide variety of commercial lawn mowers that run on clean-burning propane are available now from more than a dozen industry-leading manufacturers, and many were on display at the GIE+EXPO 2010.

GIE+EXPO attendees were able to learn about propane-fueled equipment through a series of manufacturer-led seminars in the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) Propane Pavilion. Representatives from Cub Cadet, Dixie Chopper, EnviroGard, Exmark, Ferris Industries, Husqvarna, and Scag Power Equipment presented seminars, as did the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) and Downers Grove, Ill.-based contractor Competitive Lawn Service. Equipment from Cub Cadet, Husqvarna, Schiller Grounds Care/Bob-Cat, and Snapper Pro was displayed in the booth.

“Propane-fueled commercial mowers reduce greenhouse gas emissions by almost 50 percent compared with gasoline-fueled mowers, and they are safer to use during pollution advisory periods,” said PERC Vice President Brian Feehan. “Commercial lawn and landscape company operators can take immediate advantage of that benefit, since more than 29 models are available from top name brands. An effective propane refueling infrastructure is in place, with refueling stations located in each state, and fuel delivery programs are available from most propane providers.”

Propane-fueled commercial mower manufacturers exhibiting at GIE+EXPO included Ariens/Gravely, Bad Boy, Cub Cadet, Dixie Chopper, Exmark, Ferris Industries, Husqvarna, Scag Power Equipment, Schiller Grounds Care/Bob-Cat, and Snapper Pro. Exhibitors also include Briggs & Stratton and Kawasaki, makers of propane-specific engines for some mower models.

Along with federal incentive programs designed to encourage the use of propane-fueled vehicles, PERC’s state partnership program offers matching dollars toward the purchase of mowers, vehicles, and conversion systems certified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

“Programs exist today to help introduce this new technology into the market,” Feehan said. “And propane mowers can save companies money because of competitive fuel pricing, the virtual elimination of fuel spillage and leakage common with gasoline, and convenient propane fuel delivery that eliminates the need to travel to an off-site location for refueling.”

Propane-fueled commercial mowers use propane cylinders of varying capacities, and many propane providers offer cylinder exchange programs that typically include on-site storage installation. For larger volumes, a no-spill dispenser can be installed on site and used to refuel mowers and propane-fueled work trucks.