Phoenix Environmental Care announces the addition of Pegasus™ 82.5 DF fungicide and Monarch™ plant growth regulator to its expansive line of plant protection products.

Phoenix Environmental Care’s newest fungicide, Pegasus 82.5 DF, contains the active ingredient Chlorothalonil, which allows the dry, flowable formulation to control a wide range of ornamental and turf diseases, including dollar spot, brown patch, grey leaf spot, anthracnose, dichondra leaf spot and fusarium. In addition to disease control, Pegasus 82.5 DF offers a more consistent particle size, which ensures very little fragmentation of the material and provides for fast dispersion. Pegasus 82.5 DF is ideal for use on golf course fairways and greens.

“Formulated to maintain particle integrity, our new Pegasus 82.5 DF fungicide has outstanding mixing capabilities and increases the performance of fairways and greens by delivering residual control for up to 14 days,” said Rick Grant, director of business development, Phoenix Environmental Care. “Pegasus 82.5 DF offers superintendents less agitation for complete mixing, allowing golf course superintendents to achieve ultimate control of turf diseases.”

Phoenix Environmental Care’s new Monarch plant growth regulator works to reduce the frequency of mowing and clippings while promoting turf root strength and lateral development. Containing the active ingredient Paclobutrazol (22.3 percent), Monarch slows vegetative growth by inhibiting gibberellins biosynthesis as it moves upward through the xylem of turfgrass. Monarch also inhibits Poa Annua growth on golf courses and other highly maintained areas and is ideal for use on St. Augustine, Bermuda and similar warm-season grasses in addition to Bluegrass, Ryegrass, Fescue, Bentgrass and similar cool-season grasses.  

“Monarch makes golf course superintendents’ jobs easier by slowing the growth of turfgrass,” said Grant. “One application of Monarch reduces mowing and clippings for six to eight weeks on courses and is even rainfast in a short period of time.”

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