The Pickseed Companies Group is pleased to announce our 65th year of providing outstanding product and “service” to our customers around the world. Since 1947, when Otto and Marie Pick established “Otto Pick, Agricultural Services”, service has remained one of the most important cornerstones of PICKSEED’s business. Otto worked closely with customers, delivering accurate recommendations and management systems that allowed them to capitalize on the genetic potential of their seed investments. Today, Otto’s service legacy is as strong as ever at PICKSEED.

PICKSEED has grown to be a world leader in the research, production and distribution of high-quality turfgrass and forage crop seed. Our product performance has been instrumental to the success of our customers – from improving a dairy producer’s herd efficiency to instilling homeowner pride in a beautiful lawn.

PICKSEED products play important roles in high-profile world sporting events, too. At the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, 74 practice and game playing pitches were seeded with PICKSEED product. A number of professional golf tournaments also feature PICKSEED products, including our state-of-the-art bentgrass, ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass.

PICKSEED has seven locations across Canada and Oregon and operates under the Pickseed, Mapleseed, Seed Research of Oregon, TurfOne and Royal brand names.

Sixty-five years of serving agricultural and recreational customers has resulted in many successful relationships. From the dairy producer with 50 cows, to the Japanese golf course manager, each PICKSEED customer is valued, respected and provided with the highest standard of service.