launched a new Plant Care Q&A feature that gives garden centers (including online stores) free promotion opportunities by showing off their gardening and product knowledge.

Plant Care Q&A publishes answers to questions about all aspects of plant care and gardening. The sort of questions consumers type into search engines (such as Google) when looking for advice. Garden centers can post answers to these questions which link to their store profile. This effectively works the web to draw attention and build trust from a broad range of consumers.

Garden centers with a smart eye for marketing opportunities can even manipulate Plant Care Q&A into addressing areas they specialise in, by adding questions about related subjects and answering them themselves once published.’s founder Miriam Young explains “This is a way for garden retailers to populate the web with information about products they stock, including branded product lines, specific plant varieties and specialist areas such as water gardening, and link that information straight to their store profile. Those with an understanding of SEO will recognise the potential this offers to work the web.  Plant Care Q&A reaches out to a broad consumer audience who can be inspired into making purchases by those who build their confidence. The kind of consumers the gardening industry needs to communicate with to extend its customer base and increase spend from the non-core market.”