Precision Laboratories introduced Uptake Technology, an evolution in plant nutrition that produces healthy turf at lower use rates. Uptake Technology offers benefits in the categories of color, quality, tank-mixing, coverage and absorption, providing superior turf quality and more satisfied players and customers.

Uptake Technology has been introduced in seven analyses: 10-0-0-10Ca, 5-0-0-5Fe, 20-0-15, 15-15-15, 8-10-0-7B, 5-0-10, 3-0-25. These offer a broad range of N, P and K solutions, combined with a built-in adjuvant package for enhanced performance. Uptake Technology uses a concentrated formula, which results in low-use rates and less product to handle and store.

“Uptake Technology represents the innovation that customers have come to expect from Precision Laboratories,” said Don Spier, vice president of Turf and Ornamentals. “Plant nutrition represents a primary need to turf managers and strategically fits with Precision’s strong portfolio of products that help customers Get More with Less, saving them water, time, money and labor. We are thrilled to offer a product with such astounding benefits to turf managers.”

“Uptake Technology is unlike any other product in the turf market and has the potential to change the foliar nutrition category,” said Precision Laboratories president, Richard Wohlner. “Uptake Technology fits our mission by delivering performance and helping turf managers better manage their resources.”

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