Uptake Technology, a new line of plant nutrient products from Precision Laboratories, combines essential plant nutrients along with a built-in adjuvant package for enhanced fertilizer performance, resulting in optimum plant color and quality. In addition, its concentrated formula allows for a lower use rate, so superintendents have less product to handle and store.

Consisting of eight unique plant nutrient formulations that provide essential micro- and macronutrients to fit the customized needs of every fertilization program, Uptake Technology provides optimized plant nutrition, but at a substantially reduced per-acre cost than the leading competitor.

“We are really pleased to offer a plant nutrient product that includes an adjuvant component for optimum product performance, but doesn’t break the bank,” said Don Spier, vice president of turf and ornamentals at Precision Laboratories. “While our products cost 33 percent less than the leading competitor, new university research confirms Uptake Technology products work as good or even better.”

Backed by new research from Michigan State University, Uptake Technology provides the best plant nutrient uptake technology, but at a substantially reduced per-acre cost than the competition. The research compared an Uptake Technology program to a similar competitive program and found the two programs yielded similar results in terms of color, quality and chlorophyll. Although the results were remarkably similar, the Uptake Technology program is approximately two-thirds the cost. For complete research results, visit www.precisionlab.com/uptake_msu.

Now through May 14, 2010, Precision Laboratories is offering a special pricing program on qualified Uptake Technology products. For more information, please contact your distributor sales representative or Precision Laboratories.

For more information about Uptake Technology products, or to participate in the buying program, contact your local distributor, or visit www.precisionlab.com/uptake.