Professional installations of landscaping products to outpace DIY market through 2025

A new Freedonia Group analysis projects demand for landscaping products to grow 2.6% per year through 2025 to $10.7 billion. Major trends supporting growth of landscaping product sales have seen increased intensity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, including: 

  • Greater investment in outdoor living areas, which can offer a comfortable and safe alternative to crowded public spaces and indoor gatherings 
  • Higher participation in gardening, spurring sales of landscape products that facilitate this activity 
  • A renewed short-term interest in DIY projects, as the pandemic allowed more consumers to divert time and funds for home improvement projects

While some of these trends are expected to continue to grow in popularity, others will moderate post-pandemic. For instance, professionally installed products are expected to outpace those that are installed by consumers through 2025 as more people resume activities outside the house.

Demand for landscaping products sold in professional markets is expected to advance 3.6% annually through 2025, driven by:

  • A healthy economic outlook, providing consumers with more discretionary dollars to invest on increasingly extensive landscaping projects 
  • Resumption of the DIFM movement, which was temporarily reversed by DIY trends during the pandemic 
  • Solid growth in hardscaping and lighting sales, since these products are more likely than other landscaping products to be installed by professionals

Consumer interest in creating increasingly elaborate outdoor living spaces requiring professional expertise to install will bolster advances.

However, further gains will be restrained by a continued interest in DIY activities in the US, and the vast number of landscaping products that can be easily installed (e.g., pots, planters, bird feeders) or are increasingly designed to favor DIY installation (e.g., water features and lighting). 

Want to Learn More?

Landscaping Products analyzes the United States market for landscaping products by product, market, end user (professional and consumer/do-it-yourself), and US region.


Products covered: 

  • Hardscaping products 
  • Outdoor structures 
  • Decorative landscaping products
  • Pots, planters, and raised beds
  • Landscape lighting
  • Bird and wildlife products
  • Other landscaping products

Demand is also segmented by market, including new and renovation and repair applications: 

  • Residential 
  • Commercial 
  • Recreation and infrastructure 

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