In an effort to make finding site-specific solutions easier for its customers, PROFILE Products LLC announces a major redesign of its company website:
John Schoch, president and CEO of Profile Products, said the redesign is intended to provide a better experience and easier navigation, with the “solution focus” that will help customers find the answers they need faster.
“We heard from our customers that they are going online more for information gathering when determining how to tackle their erosion control projects,” Schoch said. “Our redesigned website makes it easier than ever to find the information needed to make educated decisions to carry out any project.”
In addition to information for erosion and sediment control, the website now features a “site specific solutions” menu that offers product recommendations for establishing vegetation on unique job sites including golf courses, drill pads and pipelines, coal-fired plants, waste management, post-fire reclamation and landscapes.
The enhanced website also includes quick links to Profile Soil Solutions Software (PS3), a free web-based design and selection tool that helps customers develop holistic, sustainable solutions for cost-effective erosion control and vegetation establishment.
The redesign is launched in conjunction with Profile Products’ recent master brand evolution. The company’s newly updated tagline, Solutions for your Environment™, aims to convey Profile’s commitment to providing site-specific solutions that incorporate smart water management, sediment control, vegetative establishment and soil enhancement.

“The phrase ‘your environment’ highlights the importance Profile places on both the natural environment and the business environment of its customers,” Schoch said.
To view the new website and its offerings, visit