Profile Products simplifies selection with High Performance Mulch line

Profile Products today introduced the comprehensive Profile High Performance Mulch line in an effort to consolidate numerous product lines, increase efficiency and simplify the mulch selection process. The new unified family of products incorporates Profile’s proprietary Thermally Refined wood fibers and clean cellulose fibers.

The new line includes:

  • Profile Wood with and without Tackifier
  • Profile Blend with and without Tackifier
  • Profile Cellulose with and without Tackifier

The Profile High Performance Mulch line is not only designed to deliver the highest level of performance in each of their respective categories, but it will also be backed by a team of technical advisors ready to provide on-site assistance. The line will also streamline ordering and simplify stocking.

“As our acquired brands have evolved and improved over the years, we’ve made the decision to consolidate the lines and eliminate any confusion customers may have had in choosing the best mulch products for their site,” said Jim Tanner, president and CEO of Profile Products. “The new line will give customers confidence that they are choosing the highest performing mulch that they’ve come to expect from Profile. We look forward to continuing to deliver industry-leading solutions for your environment.”

The consolidated brands include Conwed Fibers, Terra-Mulch, Hydro-Spray, SoilCover, Second Nature and Enviro Fibers.

Profile High Performance Mulch will be rolled out over the next few months, and the transition to the new line is expected to be complete in April.