Project Green Schools and UgMO partner to inspire water conservation and innovation through education

Project Green Schools and smart irrigation specialist UgMO announced a partnership to develop impactful water conservation curriculum for K-12 students.  The partners begin curriculum development this month and will sponsor individual projects and the students implementing those initiatives. The goal of this support is to inspire the next generation of environmental leaders to innovate new ways of driving water conservation and sustainability.

Developer of a leading smart irrigation platform, UgMO is committed to significantly reducing water usage without sacrificing landscape health.  In addition to collaborating with a number of government agencies, Project Green Schools partners with more than 6,300 schools and 500,000 students from over 43 U.S. states and 9 countries to facilitate the development of student leaders who have engaged in E-STEAM learning and projects and are pursuing higher education and jobs in the green workforce. This combination of expertise, mission and reach will support and sponsor student projects that research and recommend water conservation efforts to their schools.

“Smart Irrigation Month makes the perfect backdrop for a partnership that can have a lasting impact on how the next generation views its ability to protect one of our planet’s most important and diminishing resources,” said Brian Dalmass. “It’s an honor to partner with the amazing team at Project Green Schools who has already made incredible inroads in inspiring young people across the country to do their part to reduce environmental impact and costs.  We look forward to helping to move this mission forward by leveraging our expertise, patented technology and unique, soil-based approach to water conservation.”

“Project Green Schools enthusiastically partners with UgMO as a way of putting innovative water reduction tools and solutions directly in our students’ hands,” said Robin Organ, executive director and founder of Project Green Schools. “Our goal is to help students develop the knowledge and skills required for entry to college and later employment focused on developing sustainable solutions.   To do so they must be engaged at the intersection of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), energy, environment and public health.  We believe our partnership with UgMO has the formula for success when it comes to developing the next generation of environmental leaders.”