Proven wireless sensor technology from Toro

We rely on technology every day in our cars, homes and offices. Putting technology to work in the landscape can take the guesswork out of watering. Combining your expertise with Toro’s technology means your customers can create and maintain a sustainable, WaterSmart lawn with less hassle.

Simply put, Toro’s soil sensors provide high-tech ways to save water. Monitoring the amount of moisture in the soil gives you the ability to water only when the lawn really needs it. World-class golf courses and high-end commercial landscapes around the world count on Toro’s soil sensing technology to reduce water waste. Toro offers three soil sensors, allowing you to customize the right tool for your customer’s lawn and landscape.

The Toro Turf Guard Soil Monitoring system gives your customers a complete view of what is going on under the turf. This revolutionary system includes advanced wireless mesh network technology that monitors moisture and salinity levels, as well as soil temperatures. Paired with SiteVision software, your customers can prevent over and under watering, encourage healthy root growth and maximum playability. The system makes it easy to know when to flush high salinity levels, schedule fungicide and pesticide applications and start remediation activities before an emergency situation arises.

The Pro Series Soil Sensor works with Toro Sentinel Central Irrigation control systems to wirelessly monitor moisture level trends in the soil. Once installed, the sensor transmits real-time moisture data every five minutes. The information provided allows your customers to automate or manually adjust irrigation, saving water. A unique probe design includes a tether that allows moisture measurements to be taken anywhere from just below grade, to up to three and a half feet below the surface. This flexibility makes monitoring turf, trees and landscape areas simple. The sensors can be completely buried in the soil or installed in a valve box. Up to 16 sensors can be used with any Sentinel controller.

The Toro Precision Soil Sensor is perfect for homeowner applications. This wireless sensor is placed at ground level and continuously measures soil moisture. The sensor communicates with the homeowner’s irrigation controller via a receiver, telling the system to water only when it is needed. The result is a great looking lawn with less water waste because the sensor only allows the system to water when it is needed. The Precision Soil Sensor works with any irrigation controller, even competitive models, making it a great upgrade option.