MosquitoNix has come up with a new one-time service called QuickNix, in which the perimeter of an outdoor area is protected against a menace that can ruin it – mosquitoes and other flying insects. The QuickNix 3-step application process is typically used in both commercial and residential settings. MosquitoNix applies its solution around densely vegetated shrubs, hedges and tree canopies with a pyrethrum-based (derived from chrysanthemum extract) or a natural rosemary-based (essential plant extracts and oils) solution. Then a topical anti-larvae treatment is used to zero in on all shady and moist groundcover, including tall grass. Finally, a sprinkle of fine granules is spread over the lawn to repel mosquitoes. For more information or to find out more about franchising opportunities, visit www.mosquitonix.com or 972-934-3131.