Rachio introduces PRO Model smart sprinkler controller

Rachio, the smart sprinkler controller whose intelligent Cloud-based software allows users to reduce water consumption and manage lawn irrigation from their mobile device, announced the launch of its PRO model, a Generation 2 smart sprinkler controller for landscape professionals. Developed with the professional in mind, PRO combines the industry-leading features of Rachio’s Gen 2 model with an extended 4-year warranty and enhanced pro features in the Rachio mobile app that will be available at leading irrigation pro distributors nationwide.

The PRO model is available in a 16-zone model and features Rachio’s proven, intelligent, Cloud-based software. It makes professionals more efficient and provide better service to their clients through shared access, multiple controller access, and weather intelligence. Rachio taps into the user’s Wi-Fi network to analyze recent and upcoming weather to automatically optimize a watering schedule to the specific needs of their yard. Based on the Gen 2 consumer model, the PRO model includes LED lights to provide status alerts and manual controls on the box, as well as an optional custom waterproof enclosure that allows hardwiring.

“Following the successful recent launch of our Gen 2 model, we wanted to provide the landscape professional community a version of the unit unique to their specific needs,” said Chris Klein, CEO of Rachio. “The PRO model continues Rachio’s long-standing relationship with professionals who mirror our goal of reducing water consumption while providing homeowners the knowledge and tools necessary to create their perfect yard.”

Since its launch in 2012, Rachio has worked closely with landscape professionals to help homeowners save water, time and money on their at-home irrigation. The PRO model gives landscape professionals the ability to optimize each customer’s entire irrigation process and maximize their water savings, while ensuring the great yard their customers want. The software is updated in real time and has features that allow both the professional and the homeowner to control of every aspect of their landscape via a smartphone, tablet or laptop through the new and improved Rachio app. The company also recently launched an enhanced online pro training and support website at pro.rachio.com.

The pro features in the latest Rachio 2.5 app update include:

  • Streamlined ability to create, edit and review watering schedules, allowing pros to view their clients’ watering schedule on a monthly basis to understand when and how long watering will occur.
  • Launch of Climate Skip, a feature that skips water timesbased on recent, past and future weather conditions, and Seasonal Shift, which adjusts watering durations each month based on local and seasonal variations to make sure a yard is getting the right amount of water.
  • The ability to schedule start and end dates for individual schedules, which can be used to set up schedules for specific needs like new grass seed.

To learn more about the Rachio PRO model and Rachio’s professional distributors, visit pro.rachio.com.