Rain Bird Services Corporation today announced the launch of its 2011-2012 Rain Bird Academy training season with more than 70 classes and workshops scheduled across the country. Irrigation and green industry professionals interested in enhancing their irrigation skills and knowledge can now choose from a new selection of Rain Bird Academy training events including general irrigation, new to irrigation, golf and central control classes.

By attending a Rain Bird Academy class or workshop, irrigation professionals will learn best practices that will help them save time, money and water.  With a full-time staff of seasoned training professionals, Rain Bird Services Corporation is able to develop and deliver the highest quality training in the industry today. In addition to improved irrigation skills, attendees of Rain Bird Academy courses may also earn continuing education units (CEUs) from professional organizations such as the Irrigation Association (IA), the United States Green Building Council’s LEED program, PLANET, the Landscape Architectural Continuing Educational System and many other state and local organizations. 

“Rain Bird Academy strives to provide the best irrigation education and professional development opportunities,” said Robert Pfeil, manager of training services for Rain Bird Services Corporation. “Unlike many other irrigation training options, all of our general education classes and workshops are part of a well-developed curriculum that is updated regularly. Our general irrigation classes are non-manufacturer-specific, meaning we do not promote or sell Rain Bird products in class; we make sure our attendees get a comprehensive look at all of the latest irrigation products and techniques from across the industry. Our emphasis is on developing top-notch irrigation professionals.”  

According to Ron Wolfarth, director of Rain Bird Services Corporation, his organization takes the responsibility of irrigation education very seriously.  “Rain Bird Academy is an excellent solution for individuals who want to advance their professional development,” Wolfarth said. “The significant number of companies that continue to send employees to our training events each year is testament to the ongoing success of our educational programs.”       

Rain Bird Academy’s Professional and Regional Training Camps have helped thousands of irrigation and landscape professionals expand their skill sets and increase their marketability. To view the latest training schedule, register for a training event, determine CEU eligibility or learn more about Rain Bird Academy training camps throughout the United States and internationally, visit www.rainbird.com/training