Rain Bird ESP-Me controller

Residential and commercial irrigation sites can vary greatly in size and complexity. Most contractors have to learn to install and program two or more different irrigation controllers to meet the needs of their diverse customer base. Others keep things simple by specializing in either residential or commercial systems — but end up limiting their growth and new job prospects in the process. Now, there’s a solution that offers contractors the best of both worlds — the all-new Rain Bird ESP-Me modular controller.

The ESP-Me controller builds upon all of the best features of its trusted predecessor, the ESP Modular, including Rain Bird’s legendary Extra Simple Programming. However, while the ESP Modular was limited to 13 stations, the ESP-Me offers the highest station count in its class with a capacity of up to 22 stations. Simply install the optional 3-station or 6-station modules and expand the ESP-Me from its standard four stations all the way up to 22 stations.

“Because of its expandability, the ESP-Me can be used to control both residential and light commercial irrigation systems,” said C. Todd Green, product manager for Rain Bird controllers. “This controller’s versatility allows contractors to serve a broader range of customers and gives them confidence that any crew member can program the controller.”

The ESP-Me doesn’t just help contractors make more money — it helps them save money. There’s no need to stock multiple controllers or teach crew members how to install and program them. This saves space on work trucks, ties up fewer dollars in inventory and decreases labor costs. These factors, combined with the ESP-Me’s highest-in-class station count make this controller the best value in the industry. “The more stations added to the ESP-Me, the better the savings when compared to competitive controllers,” Green said. “Other controllers on the market that can accommodate 22 stations are considerably more expensive. By using the ESP-Me, contractors can save money, pass those savings on to their customers and win more jobs as a result.”

The ESP-Me also offers a number of new, useful features that save contractors time and money. The Delay Watering feature allows users to easily postpone irrigation for up to 14 days and then automatically return to their normal watering schedule. Some landscaped areas aren’t easily reached by rainfall—like those shadowed by a deck or an overhanging eave. ESP-Me users can simply choose to bypass the rain sensor for those stations.  The Seasonal Adjust by Program feature allows users to reduce watering to as little as 5 percent of the scheduled program times in cooler, wetter conditions or increase it by up to 200 percent during warmer, drier weather. The Total Run Time Calculator automatically tallies up the total amount of time a system is scheduled to run for any given program. In the rare occasion that the ESP-Me experiences electrical or programming issues, a bright red LED will either stay illuminated or flash, depending on the condition. Scrolling messages across the display alert users to a problem.

“Contractors are faced with many tough challenges every day,” Green said. “We designed the ESP-ME to gives them a controller option that doesn’t limit their job prospects and is easy enough for any crew member to program. By combining practical features with a versatile station count, the ESP-Me helps contractors keep things simple while serving a larger customer base.”

For more information about Rain Bird’s ESP-Me modular controller or to view the new ESP-Me video, visit ESPMeNews.rainbird.com or call 1-800-RAIN BIRD.