Untangling clumps of distribution tubing used to be a time-consuming and tedious chore for contractors who install drip irrigation systems. Now, with its self-extracting coil feature, Rain Bird’s new XQ 1/4-inch Distribution Tubing makes that dreaded task a thing of the past.

Designed for use with all drip irrigation systems, XQ 1/4-inch Distribution Tubing is constructed using a unique blend of UV-resistant polymers that give it the flexibility of vinyl and the hold of poly. Able to be installed both above and below grade, XQ Distribution Tubing has a textured finish for easier handling. Its 60-psi rating exceeds that of the competition, and it’s compatible with all 1/4-inch transfer fittings and all barbed outlet ports. However, according to Kevin Rantin, product manager for Rain Bird’s Landscape Drip Division, the tubing’s most noticeable feature may be the manner in which it’s dispensed and stored.

“Our XQ Distribution Tubing is packaged in a self-extracting coil,” Rantin explained. “This unique coiling method allows the tubing to remain intact as it’s pulled out of the coil, making it easier to both use and store. The self-extracting coil also eliminates the waste that can happen when tubing gets tangled and knotted.”
Sold individually, by the pallet or by the truckload, XQ 1/4-inch Distribution Tubing is available in self-extracting coils of 100, 250 and 1,000 feet in length. The 1,000-foot coil is also available in a patent-pending XQ BucketTM that makes using and storing large coils even easier and more efficient.
For more information about Rain Bird’s new XQ 1/4-inch Distribution Tubing or any of Rain Bird’s other quality products for drip irrigation, visit www.rainbird.com/drip or call 1-800-RAINBIRD.