Installing irrigation control systems, valve boxes and soil moisture sensors requires making numerous wire splices, a process that can be very time-consuming. Improperly installed wire connections are difficult to locate and repair, costing businesses a significant amount of time and money. Now, there’s a new product that reduces irrigation system installation time and the potential for wire connector-related service callbacks–the new Rain Bird DB Series wire connector.
Because reliable wire connections are critical for the proper functioning of many irrigation system components, the DB Series is designed for a variety of applications. While appropriate for installing and repairing wire connections associated with valve boxes, soil moisture sensors and standard controller systems, the DB Series is also ideally suited for two-wire decoder systems that are becoming increasingly popular for both commercial turf and golf course applications. The DB Series makes quick work of the countless wire connections on a two-wire decoder system, and its UL 486D certification with a rating up to 600 volts ensures dependable performance.
Unlike other wire connectors on the market, Rain Bird’s DB Series wire connector features a unique one-piece design that saves contractors a great deal of time formerly spent assembling wire connector parts. The DB series also includes a simple snap-tight Strain Relief that keeps wires from pulling apart, while waterproof silicone gel protects wires against corrosion. An integrated wire nut automatically seats wires securely in one simple step, and a handy indicator ensures that wires are stripped to the proper length, virtually eliminating the possibility of over-stripped, exposed wires that can cause trouble later. Manufactured of durable UV-material, the DB Series’ wire connector will not degrade even after prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays.
“At Rain Bird, we’re dedicated to producing quality products that offer contractors top value and performance,” said Brian Mueller, senior product manager for Rain Bird’s Accessories Division. “The DB Series wire connector does just that by offering landscape and irrigation contractors the highest levels of reliability, simplicity and connection speed.. Because of these product benefits, contractors can work more efficiently and expect fewer service callbacks.”
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