Rain Bird's new LC Series Pump Stations provide contractors and end-users with a complete package of components designed to work together seamlessly.

Rain Bird LC Series pump station packages

Light commercial irrigation sites have often struggled to find the right pump solution to supply potable or non-potable water to landscapes and water features, extract water or control flooding. In many situations, contractors have attempted to manufacture their own solutions by retro-fitting non-compatible pump station components together and housing them in a makeshift enclosure. Rain Bird’s new LC Series Pump Stations have the power to change all that by providing contractors and end-users with a complete package of components designed to work together seamlessly.

“LC Series Pump Stations include a professional-grade pump, the highest quality pump protection and simple-to-install and operate fixtures, all housed in an attractive, uniquely-designed enclosure,” said Georg Haubner, product manager for Rain Bird pump stations. “In addition to light commercial applications like small office buildings and cemeteries, these pump stations are also ideal for larger residential sites and parks and recreation applications. Because they include all the necessary components, LC Series Pump Stations greatly simplify both the specification and installation processes.

Rain Bird’s LC Series Pump Stations include a heavy-duty pump available in ¾ , 1, 1.5, 2 or 3 horsepower models. These pumps feature bass impellers, cast iron housing and stainless steel bolts and ports for pressure, temperature probe and priming. A quick-disconnecting piggy-tail power cord ensures at-pump safety, while a quick-disconnecting coupling on the discharge and suction lines provides simple on-off connections to speed the hook-up and winterization processes. A pump start relay (PSRPT) offers shut-down protection if the pump experiences pressure loss or high temperatures.

Rain Bird took all the necessary precautions to ensure that LC Series Pump Stations can stand up to harsh conditions. A low-profile, aesthetically-pleasing powder coated enclosure with louvers keeps the pump and all controls safe from vandals and the elements while providing ample air to prevent the pump and motor from overheating. Water can be discharged from either the bottom or the side of the enclosure, depending on the site’s needs.

“We designed the LC Series Pump Stations to provide a totally integrated pump station solution,” Haubner added. “By specifying and installing these pump stations, specifiers and contractors can help their customers enjoy beautiful, healthy landscapes while also lowering utility costs, saving time and minimizing future maintenance.”

For more information about LC Series Pump Stations, visit www.rainbird.com/LCSeries. To learn more about Rain Bird’s other pump station products, visit www.rainbird.com/pumps. To find your local distributor and obtain pump station pricing or a quote, visit www.rainbird.com/distributorlocator.