Rain Bird is introducing a product line that features both the efficiency of rotary nozzles and the versatility of variable arc nozzles—R-VAN adjustable rotary nozzles.

Rain Bird R-VAN adjustable rotary nozzles

Rotary nozzles have become well known for their multiple rotating streams of water that provide efficient performance at low precipitation rates. Variable arc nozzles are praised for their design flexibility. Now, Rain Bird is introducing a product line that features both the efficiency of rotary nozzles and the versatility of variable arc nozzles—R-VAN adjustable rotary nozzles.

“The R-VAN product line features the world’s first hand-adjustable rotary nozzles,” said Mike Wendel, product manager for Rain Bird rotors and rotary nozzles. “All other adjustable rotary nozzles require some sort of tool—either a unique, product specific tool or a very fine-tipped screwdriver.  These adjustment tools never seem to be where you need them when you need them most. Because contractors can adjust R-VANs by hand, there’s no need for them to purchase special tools or waste time walking back and forth from the sprinkler zone to their trucks trying to find that tool. Irrigation pros know installing systems is hard work.  The R-VAN line’s tool-free adjustment makes the process a little bit easier on everyone.”

Along with their quick and easy adjustment, R-VAN nozzles combine the benefits of rotary nozzles and variable arc nozzles into one unique package. A low precipitation rate reduces run-off and erosion, making RVANs a particularly wise choice for sloped landscapes and compacted or clay soils. A high level of distribution uniformity, thick wind-resistant streams and larger water droplets ensure efficient performance, even in the most adverse conditions.

Requiring fewer models for even the most complex irrigation layouts, R-VAN nozzles give irrigation professionals confidence that their projects will be installed per plan. Because they offer matched precipitation rates across radius and arcs, using R-VANs simplifies the overall design process. And, because they’re compatible with all models of Rain Bird spray bodies and a wide variety of risers and adapters, R-VAN nozzles present contractors with an excellent retrofit opportunity.

“Retrofitting standard spray nozzles with R-VAN Adjustable Rotary Nozzles can reduce flow rates by up to 60 percent and improve water efficiency by up to 30 percent,” Wendel explained. “It’s a relatively easy upsell opportunity for contractors who want to help their customers use less water but still maintain healthy, aesthetically-pleasing landscapes.”

The R-VAN product line currently includes two color-coded models, the black R-VAN1318 with a radius of 13-18’ and the yellow R-VAN1724 with a radius of 17-24’. Each model’s arc is adjustable from 45 to 270 degrees. Both come with a three-year trade warranty. 

“We designed RVAN nozzles after meeting with hundreds of contractors who gave us their feedback about other adjustable rotary nozzles available on the market,” Wendel added. “Our development team had to truly understand what contractors and landscape designers liked and disliked about what was already on the market before they could design a market-changing product like the R-VAN.  Our team feels that R-VAN nozzles solve the issues that irrigation professionals had with their previous options. As a result, we expect R-VANs to make a significant impact in the market.”

For more information about R-VAN Adjustable Rotary Nozzles, or any of Rain Bird’s other industry-leading irrigation products, visit www.rainbird.com/RVAN or call 1-800-RAIN BIRD.