Eleven regional soccer stadiums recently constructed in Brazil to host the largest international soccer tournament will use Rain Bird irrigation systems to keep their turf in top condition.

“The sports turf managers at these stadiums are focused on providing the absolute best playing surface for elite soccer athletes,” said Jose Giacoia Neto, Rain Bird Brazil’s general manager. “Obviously, irrigation is a key factor when it comes to maintaining these soccer fields, and we’re pleased that eleven stadiums will rely upon the efficiency and performance of Rain Bird irrigation systems.”

The first Brazilian stadium to install a Rain Bird irrigation system was Castelão Stadium located in the city of Fortaleza in September of 2012. Over the next eleven months, Rain Bird signed on nine more stadiums in the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Cuiabá, Manaus, Natal and Recife. The eleventh installation, finalized in January 2014, is currently underway at Arena da Baixada Stadium in Curitiba.

“Over the years, Rain Bird Brazil has built a reputation based upon credibility and confidence,” Giacoia added. “As the only international irrigation manufacturer with local subsidiaries and local employees with commercial and technical expertise, Rain Bird was able to truly differentiate itself from the competition in the Brazilian sports turf market.”

Each member of the Rain Bird Brazil team played an important role throughout the year-long sales, specification and installation process. Members of the team include Frederico Maia Haun, Services Manager; Andre Beltrao, Area Manager, North and Northeast regions; Daniel Azevedo, Field Service Engineer; Kelly Silva, Area Manager, South and Southeast regions; and Marcelo Zlochevsky, Regional Manager.

Fabio Camara, general manager of World Sports, has worked on over 100 different sports turf construction and maintenance projects with Rain Bird Brazil over the past 17 years. World Sports is the company responsible for installing irrigation systems in many of the Brazilian stadiums that will host soccer matches during the summer of 2014.

“In my opinion, Rain Bird products offer excellent distribution uniformity, quality and durability,” Fabio said. “The various system components are also easy to manage. But perhaps more importantly, we have always gotten such great support from the team at Rain Bird Brazil. That combination of excellent quality and customer service really sets Rain Bird apart.”