In 2006 and 2007, wildfires consumed nearly 300,000 acres of Gallatin National Forest in south-central Montana. Now, Rain Bird is assisting the Arbor Day Foundation in its efforts to rehabilitate Gallatin National Forest by donating the funds for a thousand trees.

“Rain Bird’s contribution to our efforts will help benefit people for many generations to come,” said Nick Kauffman, corporate partnership manager for the Arbor Day Foundation. “We are pleased to work with them on this project, and we hope that Rain Bird’s support encourages other likeminded individuals and organizations to join us in helping replenish our national forests, provide wildlife habitat for endangered species and protect important water sources.”

The thousand trees that were purchased with Rain Bird’s support include Douglas firs, Ponderosa pines and Whitebark pines. The Arbor Day Foundation spearheaded efforts to plant these trees at Gallatin National Forest in June 2013.

“Because they provide beauty and recreational opportunities, and even the oxygen we breathe, our national forests are vital to our well-being,” said Colin Roberts, Rain Bird’s division director of irrigation accessories. “Rain Bird has spent years developing and enhancing irrigation technology—like our RWS Root Watering System—that supports the establishment of young trees. While efficient water use and conservation remain top priorities for us, we believe helping the Arbor Day Foundation restore Gallatin National Forest is yet another important way that we can serve as environmental stewards.”

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