The growing number of contractors who install dripline can get more done in less time and decrease installation costs by using Rain Bird’s new 17mm XF barbed insert fittings.

XF barbed insert fittings are designed to connect pipes and branches of Rain Bird’s XF Series dripline. The new design offers better performance and installations twice as fast as other barbed fittings – saving time, money and wear and tear to a contractor’s hands. According to Kevin Rantin, Rain Bird’s senior product manager for Landscape Drip Irrigation, contractors who recently tested these new fittings found them extremely beneficial.
“Depending on the size of the installation, contractors are often required to make hundreds of connections with insert fittings,” said Rantin. “During internal testing, contractors who used our new XF Barbed Insert Fittings were able to cut their installation time in half. That’s a considerable time and labor savings, particularly for larger dripline installations.”

Rain Bird’s 17 mm XF barbed insert fittings include a number of new features. A larger center flange gives contractors increased leverage and an improved grip. The improved tapered angle of the barb and a longer lead-in provide a smooth transition into the tubing – resulting in less effort while still maintaining a secure fit. A second barb and the addition of a “Tube Stop” ensure complete insertion and help prevent blowouts.

“While the XF barbed insert fittings are already designed for easier installation, we’ve also created a new tool that makes the process simpler and puts less strain on your hands and fingertips,” Rantin said. “Because the XF insertion tool further reduces the effort required during installation you’ll experience less hand fatigue, quicker installs and lower installation costs – making it a must-have for multiple installations or large dripline applications.”