Small square and rectangular spaces are among some of the most challenging areas to efficiently cover when designing or retrofitting an irrigation system. Traditional circular, semi-circular or wedge-shaped spray patterns can often result in inefficient overspray and runoff in these oddly shaped areas, wasting water and creating dangerously slick conditions on paved surfaces nearby. Now, Rain Bird is making it possible to easily tackle those challenging spaces with the innovative SQ Series Nozzle.

Featuring a square spray pattern with a throw radius of 2.5 or 4 feet, the SQ Series is designed specifically for watering small, narrow areas of turf and ornamental plantings like those found near walkways, parkways and street medians. Because these unique, low-volume nozzles offer pressure compensation, they use less water and eliminate inefficient overspray, saving time, money and water for both new and existing installations.

“SQ Nozzles can be installed in either head-to-head or edge-to-edge configurations,” said Samir Shah, marketing manager for Rain Bird’s landscape drip division. “In an edge-to-edge configuration, the nozzle’s square spray pattern reduces the total number of heads needed to cover an area, cutting both costs and installation time. At sites with an existing, standard head-to-head design using traditional nozzles, the SQ Nozzle provides an excellent retrofit opportunity because it uses up to 65 percent less water.”

The SQ Nozzle isn’t just efficient—it’s also flexible and easy to use. Contractors can adjust the nozzle’s throw radius from 2.5 to 4 feet simply by turning its head to either of the pre-set stops. SQ Nozzles are compatible with a wide range of other irrigation system components, including Rain Bird’s 1800 Series Sprays, Xeri-Pop Spray Heads, Polyflex Risers and Schedule 80 Risers.

SQ Series Nozzles are the perfect solution for any small space. Available in three models— quarter, half and full patterns —with matched precipitation rates, SQ Series Nozzles are the smart choice for a wide range of difficult-to-design areas. For more information about Rain Bird’s SQ Series Nozzles, call 1-800-RAIN BIRD or your local Rain Bird distributor or visit