Englert, Inc. a leading supplier of metal roofing, rainware and environmental building products, will hold a contractor certification seminar for its rainwater harvesting products Monday and Tuesday Sept. 20 and 21 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Landscape contractors and architects and home improvement business owners are encouraged to attend the two-day seminar which focuses on training in marketing, selling and installing above and inground rainwater harvesting systems for both residential and commercial applications.

Attendees will learn how customers can save up to 65% savings on utility bills and create healthier landscapes while conserving valuable water resources and protecting local water quality. Seminar topics will include training in the four components of rainwater system design,  legal and regulatory issues involving rainwater conservation, conserving resources, reducing runoff and active and passive income streams from the business.  

“With nearly 15 years of steady growth in the US, the rainwater management industry is experiencing explosive growth right now,” observed Jerry Heininger, coordinator of environmental products for Englert  and an accredited professional with the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association. “In the United States alone, water industry is expected to grow seven percent a year to a $150 billion domestic business,” he added, noting there are as many reasons for the growth of rainwater management opportunities as there are communities promoting and implementing such programs throughout the United States.” Instructors from Blue Ridge Atlantic Enterprises, a leading national consultant and manufacturer of complete rainwater harvesting systems, will also participate in the seminar.

Contractors, architects and landscapers interested in attending the two-day seminar should contact Heininger at 732-826-8614.