ReValv Sprinkler System Winterizer Kit

Legend Ideas, a consumer goods engineering and manufacturing firm, recently began offering its ReValv Sprinkler System Winterizer Kit for sale.

The product allows users to fully remove and store the most vulnerable element of the sprinkler system, the backflow prevention device, in a climate-controlled space. This simple and elegant solution ensures property owners will no longer face the potential of needing to repair an inlet/outlet assembly damaged by freezing temperatures.

“With ReValv, you can literally remove the problem…the section of your sprinkler system most prone to sustaining damage in cold temperatures…and not worry about your backflow valve freezing. It takes two minutes and you’re done. On top of this, our insulating bag is rated for 0° for up to 8 hours and beats our competitors,” said Dale Fain, ReValv inventor and co-founder of Legend Ideas.

The company has formally patented the method by which the kit is applied and used. All parts are standard, non-proprietary pieces designed to maximize compatibility with existing plumbing standards. ReValv accommodates a wide range of sprinkler system profiles, including: new, old, commercial and residential units, and promises ease of installation and operation for even the greenest plumber.

One notable feature of ReValv’s design is the incorporation of an additional isolation valve, which removes the need for users to shut off the whole property water main as part of the winterizing process. To further add to its appeal, ReValv reduces the time needed to winterize and de-winterize a retrofitted system to only minutes.

ReValv retails for $69.95, or slightly less than the cost of a new standard backflow prevention (pressure vacuum breaker) valve, and ships with all parts required for installation and winterization, including a thermal sleeve rated for use in “temperatures of 0 ̊ F and up for a maximum of 8 hours” according to the manufacturer.

ReValv provides a unique opportunity for installers and property owners to extend the life and value of in-ground irrigation systems, and is certain to transform current winterizing practices.