Rhino Linings Corporations’s Rhino Home Pro Division now offers a variety of products for decorative garage floors, driveways, residential walkways, patios and interior applications.

Rhino EcoStain is a superior decorative concrete solution that will provide surface protection and enhance the look and feel of an ordinary floor.

The Rhino EcoStain product line consists of two products for the flooring industry. Rhino EcoStain base coat is bio-based, non-toxic and environmentally safe for interior and exterior applications. Rhino EcoStain infuses concrete with rich, deep, translucent tones giving character to ordinary, dull concrete. Rhino EcoStain ClearCoats are two-component, waterborne, polyurethane, top coat systems that magnify the look of stained concrete while providing superior protection. Rhino EcoStain ClearCoats offer excellent UV, chemical, abrasion and impact resistance. Rhino EcoStain technology is preferred by eco-friendly professionals requiring a green environment.

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