Rich color enhancement with high-performance sealers

Black Diamond Coatings, Inc., launched its new, technologically high-performance color-enhancing sealers, available now. These products take the same great formulas, while ramping up the color enhancement and making the shine last longer.

In independent lab testing, the high performance SG+ formula had no visible color loss after 1,000 hours in the UV chamber that simulates sun (UV) and humid conditions. It also retained 73% of its original shine in that period.   SG+ performed three times better than other leading sealers in lab testing, with the results published at

“Contractors love the ease of use of our water-based sealers, but they wanted products that would have a longer lasting shine. We pride ourselves on ‘Customer Care’ and above and beyond product support, so when they wanted an even better product, we have delivered,” said David Warren, president.