Road Salt Damage to Lawns Preventable and Repairable with Salt Buster

Environment Canada published a five-year study in 2000 on the effects of road salt on the environment, concluding that all manner of road salt is toxic to the environment, particularly in large concentrations. As much as 20 million tons of road salt is used in the U.S. each year in the form of sodium chloride, which melts snow even when temperatures dip into the teens. Albeit effective, runoff from road salt is highly toxic to water supplies and damages plants and lawns that edge sidewalks and roadways where salt is applied. Salt Buster from GetMicrosolutions is 100 percent all-natural, non-toxic and safe when used around children, pets, shoes and cars, while effectively protecting lawns and shrubs from road salt and minimizing salt damage once it occurs.

Road salt is used throughout the U.S. states in the winter and often as a dust suppressor in the summer months, creating a year round salt problem for many communities. These salts (sodium chloride, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, and Ferro cyanide salts) wreak havoc on the environment leaching into streams, lakes and groundwater through rain and sprinkler runoff.

In our communities road salt damages plants, trees and grasses by getting absorbed into the roots or splashing directly onto the foliage. Damage can also occur when salt-laden snow is plowed off streets and onto lawns where the salt absorbs much of the soil moisture that would normally be available to plant and lawn roots. Symptoms of salt accumulation include discoloration and parched soil. The result is unsightly scarring that often leads to costly annual replacement of precious landscaping and grasses after the spring thaw.

We all want a product that is safe for our kids, pets, and the environment; but we also want it to perform. Salt Buster is a non-toxic formula that binds road salt, flushing it from the soil profile with rain or sprinklers and prevents it from entering the plant or lawn’s root systems. Suggested application of Salt Buster can prevent damage, or neutralize and minimize damage once it’s visible and before the plants dries out with summer heat.

“Road salt is a problem for all of us, so heading into the season prepared is the first step to preventing serious damage. Salt Buster is vital to protecting your lawn and shrubs early in the season, or in the spring if the damage has already occurred,” said Scott Dyer, co-founder of GetMicrosolutions.

Made of all-natural, non-toxic ingredients, Salt Buster protect lawns and plants with an organic soil compound that coats and neutralizes salt grains. By preventing sodium chloride from reaching the fragile root system of grass, salt is rendering harmless until it is flushed away by watering or rainfall, leaving groundwater unaffected. Salt Buster can be used in all areas where salt damage is high, such as boulevards or medians, sidewalks and neighborhood streets, paying special attention to where greenery meets pavement and roadways. Application allows the grass’ own competitive pressure to minimize the invasion of damaging salts. In areas where a crab grass preventer is used, Salt Buster can be applied in the same window to minimize early season salt damage as part of a spring care program.

To achieve the benefits of Salt Buster simply apply with a standard garden hose in the early fall months to protect and prevent, and then again during the spring thaw for repair. Watch as Salt Buster safely and effectively binds the salt, allowing it to be washed away during normal rain and sprinkler cycles. Easy to use, harmless, efficient and the perfect compliment to normal garden maintenance, Salt Buster is your ally in the protection of lawn and shrubs against winter road salt damage.

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