Once installed on a loader bucket, the Rockaway landscaping tool attaches easily in minutes and quickly turns rough, rocky ground into a finely-groomed seedbed.

Rockaway landscaping tool

Rockaway is an affordable landscaping tool that has been steadily and rapidly gaining popularity among landscapers. Once installed on a loader bucket, this unit attaches easily in minutes and quickly turns rough, rocky ground into a finely-groomed seedbed. The work of separating out rocks is done by a single, rugged rotor, studded with extremely durable mining teeth arranged in a spiral pattern. The exciting Rockaway removes rocks and debris as it tills and fluffs soil.

Designed and built by a landscaper frustrated by the cost of replacing chains and slats, Rockaway is a quality soil preparation device that is reasonably priced, productive, low maintenance and durable, as well as adaptable. Rockaway simple in construction and inexpensive to maintain. It has only two greaseable bearings and one chain.

Landscapers especially like Rockaway’s  reasonable price, low maintenance, the fact that it will penetrate very hard ground, doesn’t need dumping very often, and shows virtually no wear after hard use. Another thing landscapers like is its ability to level soil. Although the Rockaway performs its rock-picking function in reverse, it is also designed to push small amounts of dirt when moving forward.

Four widths of Rockaway tools are available, to accommodate 60- to 83.5-inch buckets. The same Rockaway can be used on several different buckets of the same size – an important advantage to owners with more than one skid-steer loader. Once fitted to a bucket, it is easy to take on and off, just two pins and two hoses.

Although originally designed for use with skid-steer loaders, a special Rockaway Landscaping Tool is now also available for use on compact tractors with a hydraulic system capacity of 6 GPM or more. A remote hydraulic valve is required. Tractors must have hydrostatic transmissions, so they can move at very slow reverse speeds, with constant engine RPM.



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