Ryan announces National Aerate Your Lawn Day

Ryan, a leading manufacturer of turf renovation equipment for rental, golf, sports and lawn care professionals, announced a new unofficial holiday, “National” Aerate Your Lawn Day. The holiday falls on the third Saturday in September — September 16 this year — and aims to help lawn care professionals sell aeration services to their current customers and new customers.

In support of the holiday, Ryan also launched a dedicated website, www.aerateyourlawntoday.com, giving landscape contractors additional resources to help grow their businesses. The tools include talking points on the benefits of aeration, product information, and a brand new aeration bid calculator. The bid calculator is designed for professionals who are getting into the aeration business, and shows them how to bid jobs accurately and competitively.

“First and foremost, this holiday is about educating and supporting our professional customers,” said Matt Donohue, business director at Schiller Grounds Care, parent company of Ryan. “With our expertise — and our high quality aerators — we’re committed to helping them grow their businesses.”

Industry experts say that the fall season is the best time of year to aerate. The lawn experiences minimal stress during the fall and can easily withstand the aeration process. In the fall, many people seed their lawns, and aeration is a great way to increase the effectiveness of seeding. Additionally, aerating before winter helps a lawn prepare to withstand a long, cold winter.

To learn more about how to get involved with “National” Aerate Your Lawn Day, visit www.aerateyourlawntoday.com.