SatQuote launches SatMeasure AI technology

SatQuote has launched a new map-based property intelligence, measurement and estimation software platform that enables landscapers and lawn care operators to manage all aspects of measuring, designing and quoting jobs. SatMeasure Technology is a suite of tools that provide property owner information, boundary data, drawing and map manipulation features, high-resolution imagery and AI measuring assistance. 

“Outdoor service providers will be able to save money and deliver bids faster by utilizing SatQuote’s full suite of tools on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices,” said Founder and Chief Technology Officer Drew Wagner. “Understanding the details, layout, and measurements of potential work before wasting time and money driving to the site will save business owners and salespeople significant time and allow them to focus on the highest profit jobs. Our SatMeausure Technology AI and measurement tools paired with our mobile app for on-site geotagged photos and notes are a game changer and will make businesses run more efficiently.”

SatQuote is an online tool and mobile app that combines high-quality aerial and satellite imagery with an AI-powered, easy-to-use measurement and design system to create, share and manage map-based quotes with customers quickly and easily. This new software application makes it easier for outdoor service businesses to win more jobs by streamlining the process of managing leads, accurately measuring, creating designs, estimating labor and materials, and creating high-quality quotes that sell. For Enterprise users, SatQuote has an API for integrating into existing systems to help larger firms build a seamless estimation workflow. Whether just starting out, or a large company with hundreds of branches, SatQuote will save time, keep staff organized, and combine the work of multiple tools in one easy-to-use platform. SatQuote annual plans range from $150-$600/yr and include a 14-day free trial. Subscribe, learn more, or schedule a demo at