Science Solutions offers Get it Green, an all-natural instant green repair for lawns and shrubs whose brown spots have left landscapes lacking. The product gives immediate results by penetrating the brown or dead plant material with a specially developed natural colorant that seeps into the blades of grass or leaves and permanently stains them green.

“Fertilizers and lawn chemicals can be only as good as the weather permits,” said Monica Kroeger, president of Science Solutions, maker of Get it Green. “With the extreme climate conditions we’re having this year, lawn enthusiasts are having trouble maintaining that lush, green look. Also, weed eliminators always seem to kill more than intended, leaving ugly brown patches throughout someone’s otherwise well-maintained lawn. We introduced Get it Green to provide consumers an instant, cost effective, weather-proof solution to help their lawn look its best regardless of the unpredictable forces of Mother Nature.”

Get it Green also helps on a scientific level to repair the actual damage that occurs from pet marking, over-fertilizing and winter damage. It uses a proprietary microbial blend which helps to neutralize the pH on damaged areas. These natural microbes then turn to compost, helping to accelerate the growth of new grass or leaves for strong healthy lawns and bushes. Get it Green can be used on indoor and outdoor plants in all weather conditions and climates.

“We’re not selling green paint,” said Kroeger. “Get it Green is a safe, all-natural water-based solution for all types of grass and plant material. It’s a product that not only fixes the visual eyesore of dead areas, but also addresses the underlying problems.”

Get it Green is available through select Lawn and Garden Centers at Wal-Mart, Ace Hardware, True Value Hardware and on the Home Shopping Network.