Scott Grams Named Executive Director of Illinois Landscape Contractors Association

Scott Grams has been named executive director of the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA), a state-wide organization of green industry members and businesses.

Previously, Grams was executive director of the Geographic Information Systems Certification Institute (GISCI), the certification and professional development program arm of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (USISA).

Grams will work with the Board of Directors and committees to further ILCA’s education programs, legislation-in-action policies, and quality workmanship for existing and new members. He will oversee ILCA’s sponsorship of the Midwest’s largest annual three-day horticultural and educational trade show, Mid-Am.

“Priorities for ILCA programs include reaching out to the this industry of young professionals and seasoned members with specialized training, education, and/or networking while minimizing member costs,” stated Grams. “Membership is the most important aspect of ILCA fueling and fuels everything we do. Harnessing the energy and creativity of young members is vital to the long term success of ILCA. Our seasoned members have an abundant wealth of experience to share with each other, policymakers, and the public.”

Grams received his Masters in Communication from Northwestern University after his BA in Communications from Purdue University. The avid Cubs fan who resides in Chicago with his wife, Karla, told the ILCA Search Committee, “If I have to change team loyalties to be considered for the position, I am not your candidate. Luckily, they let me slide.

“Illinois consumers often don’t realize how significant the green industry is to the economy. ILCA is an important voice for professional, political, labor, and environmental issues. I look forward to being part of this progressive association, ILCA, and creating a composite of this industry and positioning ILCA projects and initiatives on towards its ‘Path to Professionalism.’”