By Karralea List


The home shown above sits on a large lot where the backyard overlooks a lake and the front of the house can be seen from the road. Most clients do not usually know what kind of design they want when they first come to me, but they will have opinions to some things they like and dislike. It is important to incorporate what they like into the design. For example, some like colors while others like clear lights. It is our job to get them excited about a vision of what their home will look like. In this case, we sold them on the vision that their roof was going to look like a crown on their home. By outlining the roof line and the ridges, we achieved desired look. The home is decorated using all LED products. The biggest strategy to lighting this house was to make sure that the roof was done in October when it was safer.


 This is a commercial Job in Newport, Ky. The client wanted an animated display that would captivate an audience and draw their clients down every year to watch the lights dance to music. This is a common desire on commercial installations — they want their location to become a showplace that people will come to see. The look was achieved through many man hours of installation, testing and determination to deliver a first class show. There are 1,500,000 LED lights that dazzle this area. There are more than 5 miles of wiring to pull the animated display. The largest obstacle when dealing with an active commercial property is installation time, pedestrian traffic, and the installation of product during business hours. Odd hours and constant maintenance are a must.




 This property is located in Union, Ky. The client wanted a very elegant, crisp and clean look to the outside of their home. They also wanted to be energy efficient by using all LED lights. We achieved this look by accenting the lines of the home, along with the trees in the front yard, and added stake lighting to draw your eyes down. We also added a minimal amount of garland and a wreath. Because we are a full-service company, this client also wanted three interior trees decorated, along with mantle accents and decorated garland in the foyer staircase and the overlook to the family room.


Karralea List is with Christmas Décor of Northern Kentucky. All photos provided by Karralea List.