Signature Control Systems 8700 Series

Signature Control Systems, the leader in advanced Web-based irrigation control, announced today the launch of the 8700 Series, a set of four commercial-scale controllers that offer a new standard of power, affordability and range for contractors and landscape designers.

All four controllers will operate with Signature’s proprietary Share platform – the industry’s leading data-driven intelligent irrigation software.

“We understand that contractors and designers have to meet the unique needs of their clients,” said Brian Smith, founder and CEO of Signature. “Expanding on other products in the Signature Share Series, the 8700 Series further responds to this reality by providing the full power of Signature’s Share platform at affordable pricing and a range of solutions for any commercial venue.”


The 8700 Series has four separate controllers, including:

8700: Designed as an affordable, 12-zone controller with the full power of Share for light commercial venues. The base 8700 model features 12-zone control and a robust transformer that can activate a master valve and two valves for simultaneous zone watering.

8700D: An affordable and flexible Share controller, the 8700D uses 2-wire Signature decoders popular in many commercial venues and can scale from 50 to125 stations.


8700VM: Designed as an affordable and scalable chassis-mounted Share controller with the ability to handle up to 108 stations. This is the ideal replacement model for older pedestal controllers.

8700VM Pedestal: This is the powerhouse of the 8700 Series and is a turnkey solution for new controllers. All 8700VM controllers feature a board for expansion modules and are enclosed in a stainless steel pedestal enclosure.

The Share difference is in the delivery of real-time data to each controller that automatically adjusts watering based on plant needs. This occurs through the industry’s most advanced algorithm that analyzes hundreds of external variables, and then adjusts watering to 1/1000th of an inch. This precision-based approach results in savings of upwards 40 percent of water use in commercial campuses, while allowing plants to thrive.

“Signature’s secret sauce is in Share,” continued Smith. “The technology mimics Mother Nature as much as science will allow. It delivers the precise amount of water a plant needs – nothing more, nothing less. We’re in the business of perfecting irrigation for businesses and homeowners across the globe and Share is the industry standard.”

Signature recently made industry waves by opting to use technology in its pursuit to eliminate data fees and dues for many products within the Share Irrigation Control Technology product line. The shift provides greater cost-savings for clients.

“Dues and irritating re-occurring subscription fees disincentive the use of intelligent irrigation products,” continued Smith. “We need to continue the pursuit of removing barriers in order to expand the use of intelligent irrigation and save water. Removing unnecessary fees is a win-win for both contractor and client.”

Together with the recently announced 8240 and 8340 Series controllers, the 8700 Series controllers are in production and now available for sale. For more information visit us at: