Signature Control Systems brings professional-grade irrigation technology to residential market

Signature Control Systems, the leader in advanced Web-based irrigation control, announced the launch of two new controllers – the 8240 and 8340 – that will bring professional-grade water management technology into the homes and yards of families across the globe.

The Wi-Fi-based controllers leverage Signature’s Share platform that offers unrivaled irrigation precision at an accessible price-point for residential customers. Until the launch of the 8240 and 8340, this level of technology was generally reserved for large-scale commercial, industrial and municipal uses into homes and gardens.

“Homeowners deserve affordable access to the most advanced irrigation technology on the market,” said Brian Smith, CEO and Founder of Signature Control Systems. “Our commercial, golf and municipal customers been using this technology for years and have saved tens of billions of gallons of water. It’s now time residents can enjoy the full power of Signature’s irrigation control.”

The Share difference is in the delivery of real-time data to each controller that automatically adjusts watering based on plant needs. This occurs through the industry’s most advanced algorithm that analyzes hundreds of external variables, and then adjusts watering to 1/1000th of an inch. This precision-based approach results in savings of upwards 40 percent of water use in residential yards, while allowing plants to thrive.

The 8240 and 8340 will be priced affordably for the typical homeowner. The controllers have also been awarded the highest conservation designation achievable by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, making them eligible for rebates from many water districts.

But it’s the absence of subscription or software fees for the 8240 and 8340 that is reshaping residential irrigation market. For years, brands that tout Internet-based control have also charged significant service fees or dues subscriptions. Signature’s new residential controllers will not have any fees attached to its connectivity and online portal.

“It’s important that we provide the best-available irrigation technology at a price everyone can afford,” continued Smith. “We view monthly or annual fees as a barrier to saving water and money. In fact, it’s counterproductive. We want every home to have an intelligent irrigation system without worrying about costs.”



Additional key features of the 8240 and 8340 include:

  • Remote access control allows contractors to manage irrigation from anywhere
  • Professional-grade controllers built for residential use
  • Pre-Internet Programming allows for programming ahead of installation, saving time and increasing productivity
  • Built-in Wi Fi modules easily connect to web via home network
  • Eligible for Environmental Protection Agency water use efficiency rebates
  • Station counts from 4 to 12 that can accommodate even large home landscape areas
  • No additional subscription fees for software

The 8240 is an indoor controller for mounting in the garage or home. The 8340 is built for outdoor installation and mounting. Both models are available for sale.