To help facilities managers manage long term snow removal services, Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) will hold its 2013 Snow Strategies Forum titled the Growing Snow Management Return on Investment, August 5-6, 2013 at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza, Washington, D.C.

This forum is designed for leaders in the facilities and property management industries to meet, network and learn with leaders in the snow and ice removal industry. Attendees will exchange information in key strategic areas to:

Gain more in-depth, balanced understanding of snow management services

Understand how proper snow management adds value to a facilities management portfolio

Learn about new trends and gain critical insight that can help qualify, manage and measure snow services year to year.



Sponsored by Ventrac, the Forum includes the following sessions:

Conflict management & resolution. Linda Swindling, President, Journey On Session. Learning objective: Manage snow-specific disagreements more effectively.
A conversation on core values. Craig Ruppert, CEO, Ruppert Landscape. Learning objective: Linking values to successful outcomes.
Understanding How Health Care Reform Impacts Employers. Jennifer Pierotti, Manager, Health Care Policy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Learning objective: Understand how health care reform impacts business strategy.
Discussing LEED and snow removal. Stuart Kaplow, Principle, Stuart D. Kaplow, P.A. Learning objective: Help influence how snow removal impacts LEED.
Snow management best practices roundtable. Phill Sexton, Director of Education & Outreach, SIMA. Learning objective: Share best practices in snow & ice management with industry leaders.
Does deicing degrade concrete and asphalt? Dale Keep, Principal, Ice & Snow Technologies. Learning objective: Understand the impact of deicing on parking surfaces.
Will climate change impact snow and ice management service long term? Marcus C. Sarofim, PhD, Environmental Scientist, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Learning objective: Gain scientific insight into changing winter weather patterns.
Are snow RFP’s effectively managing costs for facilities professionals? Lloyd Bowman, Acres Group. Learning objective: Identify the core criteria that necessary to any quality snow management effort.