SIMA and LMN announce long-term relationship

The Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) and the Landscape Management Network (LMN) announced a collaborative, multi-year agreement that will enhance SIMA membership value and deliver quality training to the snow industry.

SIMA is the non-profit trade association in the snow & ice industry, and LMN has been an innovative educator and software developer in the industry for over 5 years. The two entities have collaborated on educational initiatives over the past few years with great success, and plan to build on that moving forward.

Martin Tirado, SIMA’s Chief Executive Officer, says “SIMA and LMN have built a solid working relationship and, to date, we have trained hundreds of snow professionals together. The next several years will see even more focus on helping snow professionals develop their skills and abilities in estimating and managing snow effectively.”

Last year, the two entities collaborated on 6 separate training events across the US and Canada, training over 150 people. Through 2018, the organizations will work to deliver more hands-on workshops regionally, deliver relevant snow-specific content at the SIMA Library (, and more.

“Our company is forever linked to education, and we are focused on developing intelligent snow and ice practices that are beneficial to owners and their employees,” says Mark Bradley, CEO of TBG Environmental and LMN. “With the launch of this new relationship with SIMA, LMN has the opportunity to make significant impact in several critical areas in the industry including service, efficiency, and profitability.”

On top of the educational collaboration, SIMA has announced the elevation of LMN to a Key Savings Participant in its SIMA Savings discount program for members of the association. This will provide additional exposure for LMN to the membership, bringing significant value to LMN, SIMA, and especially SIMA members who take advantage of the savings program. LMN will also enhance its visibility and presence at the SIMA annual Symposium as an exhibitor and content creator.