Siteworx Global APEX hydroseeding applicators

Siteworx Global LLC launched its new APEX applicators during the Environmental Connection Conference in San Antonio. The applicators feature the largest tanks in the industry, a high-power vortex pump and a standard stainless steel design to enhance productivity, allow maximum versatility and virtually eliminate corrosion.

“It’s been many years since hydroseeding applicators have seen any kind of significant innovation,” said Mark Middendorf, president of Siteworx Global. “As the industry has evolved and new mixes have developed, the range of potential applications is endless. Contractors should not be limited by their equipment capabilities. The APEX applicators will allow them to do more, grow their business and virtually eliminate maintenance concerns.”

APEX Applicators were originally created by one of the industry’s leading contractors who had firsthand knowledge of the challenges posed by these applications. Siteworx Global acquired the APEX Applicators which are now professionally designed, manufactured and supported by a team that has more than 100 years of combined global experience in hydroseeding and environmental spray on applications.

APEX Applicators have tank capacities of 3300, 4000 and 5000 gallons, the largest in the industry. The increased tank capacities enhance productivity by minimizing the required refills. The tanks feature twin hydraulically driven-variable speed agitators to ensure the optimal mix balance, no matter how thick or challenging the mix.

“At first, contractors thought there was no need for such large tank capacities,” Middendorf said. “Once they tried it and experienced the increased productivity, they told us they would never go back.”

Each component offers maximum service life, minimum maintenance, and greater value at resale or trade in time. Each model comes standard with a stainless steel mixing tank that incorporates non-corrosive material not only inside like competitive models, but also on the outside, top and railing of the tank – anywhere that corrosive mix designs could come in contact with the metal. This virtually eliminates the risk of corrosion, significantly extending the life of the tank. A raised loading hatch makes filling the tank safe and simple.

APEX Applicators feature a powerful vortex slurry pump that effectively discharges a wide variety of materials, allowing contractors to take on more applications and incorporate new mix designs. The pump requires no modifications or diluting of mixes to effectively spray and allows maximum emptying of the mixing tank. The powerful 170-horsepower engine allows the applicator to spray mixes more than 325 feet.


A fully enclosed engine compartment, contains an innovative power pack that is completely removable allowing contractors to remove, replace or upgrade the power to extend the life of the tank and ensure consistent compliance with latest technologies and requirements. An advanced hydraulic cooling design maximizes efficiency while eliminating the high maintenance demands of an oil cooler.

Siteworx supports customers with its 15-year protection program — one of the industry’s best — that covers tank corrosion, a 3-year period on hydraulic components and a 2-year engine warranty.