Skydrop is now integrated with all Amazon Echo devices

Skydrop introduced its latest integration partner, Amazon Alexa. This complete integration with Amazon’s Echo series allows users to control sprinklers with simple voice commands. The unique integration with Echo Show is the first of its kind to show specific Skydrop data right on the user’s device.

  • Start and stop specific zones
  • Find out the current status or remaining time or zones
  • What’s your watering forecast and when did you last water
  • And many more commands

Skydrop maximizes water conservation while maintaining beautiful landscapes. This sleek, compact device also calculates the moisture in the soil and knows how much water a landscape is losing, and when. Set each zone according to soil type, plant type, sprinkler type, slope and shape. This allows users to water deeply and infrequently while using less water to maintain healthy root growth, the key to a thicker, greener lawn.