SkyHarvester, a division or Watertronics, is providing a complete water harvesting system for the Mitchell Park Domes greenhouse construction project. The system collects rainwater that falls upon the greenhouse roofs and utilizes it for irrigation of plants grown within the greenhouses.

The 60,000-plus-square-foot glass rooftop area gathers water to be stored in the 80,000 gallon below-ground composite storage tanks. The system provides automatic filtration at 5 micron (.0002 inch), UV disinfection, and redistribution of water for year-round irrigation inside the greenhouses, which in turn provide the new plantings for inside the Domes and other County activities. 

Should a drought condition occur where adequate rainwater is not available, the system will automatically switch to city water supply as needed. The automatic replenishment water protects the city’s investments and ensures water under all circumstances.

The Water Manager will be able to control the multiple facets of the water harvesting system from the control panel within the building. Delivering 95 gallons per minute at 60 PSI, the system quantifies the amount of rainwater used and city water used, and provides real-time data on tank-level, pump status, filtration, and alarms.

The system, which is being installed now with completion slated for early fall, will collect approximately 38,000 gallons of water for every 1-inch rain event. This translates into a potential capture and reuse of over 1 million gallons of rainwater per year.