The Snowfighters Institute, led by snow industry consultant and Institute founder John Allin, CSP, will hold an advanced Field Operations event September 17 through September 20 at its training facility in Erie, Pa. Considered an operations genius by many, John Allin will lead this Event. John Allin oversaw 4,000-plus service providers in 42 states back when his company was the first national snow management company in North America.

Scheduling, dispatching, and keeping track of those who are out in the elements fighting the storm takes tenacity and highly efficient organizational skills. Profits can be sacrificed when improper methods are utilized during a snow or ice event. The session will cover: training field crews to properly attack the snow event, training and guiding sidewalks crews appropriately, developing communications protocols when the unforeseen problem arises, how and when to fill voids left when “no shows” happen, proper communications protocols to deal with clients when they call into your office, avoiding liability issues by resolving reporting issues, and how to keep a cool head in the heat of battle.

Scheduling your crews efficiently; running a Mock Snow Event so crews can follow in-storm procedures; getting all the data the office needs to properly do their internal paperwork; and, dealing with the inevitable storm that comes at a “bad time” can create enormous pressure. Keeping in touch with everyone, dealing with breakdowns, having adequate back-up in the wings can prove hair raising.We’ll deal with all of this, and more at this Event that deals predominantly with what happens “out in the field” during any given snow event. And, when you want to purchase a new piece of equipment – you’ll need to know the proper methodology for cost-justifying the expenditure if you want “management” to approve the purchase. You’ll learn that here too. Add to this, all the efforts required to just get ready for an event – and you have a very full agenda.

The Snow & Ice Management Association awards Continuing Educational Units for any CSP in attendance.

Production managers, field account managers and owners will benefit from the facilitated interaction with John, Rick Sippola and Dan Gilliland. The program is tailored to let snow professionals learn from the best in the business. Explains John Allin, “If there have ever been any issues in your organization requiring quick thought, decisive action and hands-on dealing with issues that can arise at a moment’s notice – then this is the right event for you to attend”. Real life examples will be brought forth for all to learn how to best address all the above issues.

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