The Snowfighters Institute announced the launch of The new website contains information pertinent to those that are interested in attending upcoming events at the Institute or those offered by the Institute. Visitors can easily access information about Snowfighters Institute and its facilitators, along with a calendar outlining scheduled events, information on the events themselves, and sign up for our e-newsletters.

Along with the new website, the Institute announced an endowment program that will be launched in conjunction with the website. “The Institute endeavors to advance the professionalism of a snow contractor’s service offering so as to become better at delivering risk management services through effective and efficient use of snow and ice management techniques” said John Allin. “The Attendee Endowment Funding program is designed to allow manufacturers and/or suppliers the opportunity to provide snow contractors the chance to attend Snowfighters Institute events.”

Contractors will be able to apply for these endowments online.