The Erosion Control Technology Council, after two years of work and deliberations, has recently approved and published a comprehensive specification and application chart for hydraulic erosion control products.  This specification is the product of consensus amongst the leading manufacturers of HECPs in the industry, and is designed to satisfy the needs of engineers, designers, hydro-seeding contractors and other end-users of these products.  Formatted to be used in its entirety or easily modified as necessary by the end-user, this specification provides expert guidance from product classification and selection to product mixing and installation.  For more information regarding the ECTC HECP specification, contact Laurie Honnigford or go to

ECTC is a non-profit organization committed to advancing the use of erosion control products. For further information about ECTC, contact Laurie Honnigford at +1-651-554-1895, e-mail, or visit